Wenesday night special

Opened one chest, fire trap triggered 20 points of damage. Cindy opened the other 3 chests, and the door closed. Ran into the Prince, he attacked, read our minds, and indicated he has a talisman. He went down pretty easy. Found a rapier, chain shirt, and 20 rations.

In foyer 2, some sort of shape shifter, turned into a bunch of guys who took one hit then everyone disappeared. Marion hit the floor twice with his axe, then the robed figure engulfed in flames reappeared. He went down.

Went into the throne room. Dave found a hidden door. Mario pushed on the hidden door, and another one opens. 3 servants with poisoned wine appear, along with three telepor*fting creatures, and one really big guy appear. Mario figured the door out, and the one old guy servant yelled ‘run’ as he fled the room. We follow. Screams come from the room we fled, and we end up outside of the castle.

The old man told the tale of the origin of the Talismans. 12 silver dragons became one, and turned into a talisman. they told the humans to brake the talisman into 7 pieces. 7 humans took the 7 pieces, and they were they were the first of the order of the Silver dragons. The evil Clerics that live in the temple North of here are trying to open the portal. The storm coming is the portal opening. The king has one, we have 1, 2 with the evil Clerics, one at the cleric temple, and one with the army.

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